CBT Emotion Worksheets: Links to each worksheet series

Follow the links below to sets of worksheets to help children deal with upsetting emotions.



This single worksheet above is used as a tool to enable identifying an upsetting emotion and reflecting on when it occurred. Click HERE to go to this worksheet.


This set of seven simple worksheets above deals with automatic negative thoughts, self-defeating behavior and bodily manifestation of stress.  Click HERE to go to this set of worksheets.


This set of worksheets shown above, dealing with the emotion of anger, follows the same basic format.  Click HERE to link to this set.


Click HERE to go to this set of worksheets dealing with anxiety.


Click HERE to go to this set of worksheets dealing with sadness.


Click HERE to go to these worksheets dealing with disappointment.

Click HERE to go a page where seven CBT activities are presented which go well with the worksheets.

*Click on the picture below to link the first video in my Children’s CBT Video series. This is the simplest and clearest intro to CBT I offer:

CBT Videos Computer image for website


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