11 wall displays / visual tools for autism social skills teaching. Free downloads.

Many of my social skills resources for children with autism feature large visuals that can be used either as accessories during teaching or as wall displays.  Below you will find links to eleven of my blog posts which feature large, illustrated panels as part of the kit.

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Rigidity blog display

Rigidity / Flexibility  Panels

These are part of a social skills kit which includes lots of scenario and role play cards.


Losing blog display

Dealing with Losing and Disappointment Panels

These are a free sample from the People Points Kit that I sell

Tattling blog display

Tattling and Correcting Panels

These are a part of big free download kit which includes dozens of picture cards

Empathy blog display Showing Concern Panels

These panels, which are part of the People Points kit I sell, are to help children with ASD with the complex verbal and nonverbal components of showing concern for others

social skills activities for children on the autism spectrum

Silly to Serious Kit

These are part of a big kit that includes dozens of situation and role play cards.  Many teachers in autistic support classrooms have found the panels useful for behavioral classroom management.  You can put an arrow on one of the four levels and say “We are at this level now.”

Teasing blog display

Teasing / Bullying Panels

This is part of a larger kit which includes a lot of situation and question cards to help children with autism to deal with the practical and emotional aspects of being teased and bullied.

Full body listening panels for children with autismComponents of Listening Panels

There is also a simple worksheet using the same set of visuals.

Conversation Box Panels

Reciprocal Conversation Panels

This is part of a kit that includes a card game activity for conversation activities with children on the autism spectrum.  It is derived from a concept of RDI.

autism compliments social skills activityCompliment Matching Panels

These panels, a sample from the People Points kit I sell, is to help children on the autism spectrum to practice the social skill of giving compliments.

Girl talk to panels blog images to jpeg

Panels on Relating to Girls

These are part of a kit which includes role play and situation cards for teen boys on the autism spectrum who are learning social skills relating to female peers.

This photo was sent in by an SLP in California.

This photo was sent in by an SLP in California.


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