Helping kids with Asperger's to give compliments: Worksheets for social skills teaching

worksheets for autism social skills teaching

Children with autism tend to be really honest. This poses problems when it comes to giving compliments. I have some strategies and some simple worksheets here to help troubleshoot some obstacles to successful practice of this skill.

This is the third in a series of posts regarding teaching the social skill of giving compliments to kids with Asperger’s and other autism spectrum disorders.  The first post describes a simple game called “compliment tag:” The second post provides picture/word prompts to help kids to create compliments .
In this post, I provide worksheets to help kids to learn some of the basics for giving compliments to people they know.

To download these worksheets, click on the red link below:

Compliment Worksheets PDF Download

I wish you good luck with these worksheets.  To check out other free downloads, and and my products for sale, please see the links below.
Joel Shaul, LCSW



autism social skills worksheet



second autism social skills worksheet




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