Seven social skills worksheets for kids with ASD who are socially isolated

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In this post, you can download this worksheet and six others to help children on the autism spectrum who are socially isolated.

In an earlier post, I provide an isolation card activity for you to download and use in your social skills teaching activities with children on the autism spectrum.  Here are some additional materials for you to use, simple worksheets.There are many reasons that children with Asperger’s and other autism spectrum disorders often struggle with social isolation.  They may be motivated to socialize, but their efforts may not be fruitful.  They might be enthralled with solitary activities based on their preferred interests.  Kids with ASD can find their days at school exhausting, and they sometimes over-compensate with down time to recover.  Typical children can reject or bully children with ASD.The worksheets are to support your social skills teaching efforts on this topic.  The most important worksheets are the daily schedule records, which you can use separately if you like if you don’t wish to use the other four worksheets.If you do not download the card activity from the earlier blog post, I do suggest you check out the content of the cards anyhow.  I believe it will help you cover more dimensions of this social skills activity.

To download the worksheets:

Follow the directions below to download the PDF files for the worksheets.

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CLICK HERE:  Isolation worksheets

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