Social skills card teaching activity for children with ASD who are isolated

social skills game activity

This shows a social skills card game you can download and make pretty easily. It’s to help children with ASD to explore issues related to social isolation.

To download the pdf of this kit, click on the red link here:

Social Cards PDF Download

This activity is also available in a PowerPoint version in case you want to “show it” rather than cut it out:

Social Cards PowerPoint Version

Social isolation is common in children with Asperger’s and other autism spectrum disorders.  The reasons are obvious.  They can become enthralled with preferred activities that they carry out in solitude. The social world can be tiring and frustrating and children with autism can over-compensate with down time to recover.  Modern technology provides engaging self stimulation without face-to-face social contact.  Children with ASD can become bewildered and discouraged when they go about trying to socialize.  The peers of children with ASD can be unaccommodating and rejecting.

My Ryuu dragon cards include this “Isolator” card. Click if you like for more information.

I have provided for you here a social skills teaching activity to help children with Asperger’s and other ASD’s to explore social isolation.  It can be played in a small group or one-on-one between an adult and a child.  To play it, you need a single dice.  When you roll the dice, it directs the participant to draw a card out of one of three piles of 12 cards.  Click on one of the card downloads below.  It will enlarge and you can take a look at the text on the cards.

Why bother with dice in this activity? To add levity and to take an edge off the challenging content. For more on game-like elements in social skills teaching, click on the dice picture.

Roll 1 or 2:  “Help the Kid” card. Each card describes a different child experiencing a unique isolation problem.  You have to figure out some way to “Help the Kid” with their problem.  There is more than one possible solution to each.

Roll 3 or 4:  “Fix the Thought” card. Each card shows a different thought or belief which can either contribute to social isolation or make loneliness hurt more.  You have to think of one or more thoughts or beliefs to counter the negative thought.

Roll 5 or 6:  “All about You.” These questions explore the child’s own social isolation.

Hot to make the cards and card holders: Click on the PDF download link at the top of this post.




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