Compliment tag, game to teach kids with ASD an important social skill

Many young people on the autism spectrum have difficulties with the skill of giving and receiving compliments.  They might not see the point in saying something kind or flattering to another person. They tend to miss opportunities to use kind words to strengthen relationships with others.

Here is a fun and hilarious game I have used with all ages of kids, from six to 18.

Tell the kids:  “This is Compliment Tag.  A compliment is when you say something nice to someone — about the way they look, something they have, something they did, something they said, or they way they are.  When you play Compliment Tag, the person who is “it” tries to tag you.  To keep from becoming “it,” you have to give this person a compliment quickly before they tag you.  If they tag you before you can give them a compliment, then you are ‘it.’ ”

Easy Compliment Tag:  Compliment something the person is wearing, hair, shoes, appearance.

Harder Compliment Tag:  Compliment something the person is good at.

This is a social skills activity for kids on the autism spectrum that seldom fails to engage kids.  Enjoy it.

Joel Shaul, LCSW


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