Relating To Girls Panels & Cards Download Page

To download the files for this resource, click on the link below: “Relating to Girls Panels & Cards 2.”
Relating to Girls Panels & Cards 2

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Flexibility / Rigidity Cards and Panels Downloads Page

This is the download page for Flexibility / Rigidity Cards and Panels.

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Flexibility cards & panels, directions
Flexibility Cards and panels

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Teasing and Bullying Kit: Download Page

This is the download page for the Teasing and Bullying Kit.
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Teasing Cards & Panels, directions only
Teasing Panels
 Teasing Cards

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Silly to Serious Cards and Panels, Downloads Page

Here are the downloads for the Silly to Serious social skills kit:

Silly to Serious cards only
Silly to Serious Explanation and Panels
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Tattling and Correcting Download Here

CLICK HERE: Tattling cards & panels
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Correcting others and tattling too much: Social skills activities to teach kids with autism who have these problems

Tattling and correcting and children with Asperger’s

If you work with children on the autism spectrum, then you are aware of their  motivation to order their social world by applying and imposing rules.  If something does not seem right to them, many children with Asperger’s and other autism spectrum disorders will speak right up.  Discerning when to refrain [...]

Talk-to-sister worksheets for boys with Asperger's


There are sheets available for talking to mother, sister and father on the pdf download.

Boys on the autism spectrum and their typical sisters

Boys with Asperger’s and other autism spectrum disorders often find the world of typical girl interests completely bewildering.  In my own work with boys on the spectrum, I find that quite a [...]

11 wall displays / visual tools for autism social skills teaching. Free downloads.

Many of my social skills resources for children with autism feature large visuals that can be used either as accessories during teaching or as wall displays.  Below you will find links to eleven of my blog posts which feature large, illustrated panels as part of the kit.
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