Helping kids with ASD to give compliments: Picture/word downloads for social skills teaching

To download the illustrated panels shown below, click on “Giving Compliments Wall Display Download”

Giving Compliments Wall Display Download

autism compliments social skills activity

Autism and Giving Compliments

Kids on the autism spectrum often do not give and receive compliments in accordance with social expectation. They might like something someone said, or something someone did, but they often fail to follow up with a positive, validating statement.  Or, instead of saying nothing, children with ASD might make blunt declarations of opinion.  Kids with Asperger’s and other autism spectrum disorders can get so much better at giving compliments when they are taught in an engaging manner with engaging visuals.

Suggestions for using the compliment prompt panels:

1.  Have the kid(s) point from the word portion to the picture portion while you give compliments according to their directions.

2.  You point from words to picture and the kids create compliments.

3.  Follow up with having the kids offer compliments to others in the room.  Coach the proper “thank you” response.

4.  Explore with the kids when and how they can give compliments in various settings.  Create simple thought bubble drawings to increase awareness of how others might feel when they receive compliments.

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