“Joel Shaul is an extremely creative therapist who has invented ingenious therapeutic tools for working with individuals on the autism spectrum. From a beautiful world of socially inept and very endearing dragons to a wonderful system of earning People Points, Joel keeps bringing us fine, captivating and effective ideas. (And) if you ever get to see him do a presentation, you will come away with amazing ideas and a wish that you, too, could pick up a guitar and burst into a song about social skills.”

–Rebecca Klaw, MS, MA, Autism Services by Klaw, Pittsburgh


Workshop participant feedback

“This was the most useful and helpful presentation I’ve seen in a very long time!”

“Joel did very well maintaining my attention throughout the presentation/training. His use of multiple teaching/presentation styles (video clips, songs, prizes, visual cues, etc.) were very helpful. The c.d. has so much valuable information and resources! Thanks!”

“I thought the entire conference was fantastic. I have already shared the information learned with the other psychologists within our organization. I plan on recommending your materials to teachers and other staff members.”

“Thank you so much for sharing all of your ideas and compiling them onto the CD that was provided.”

I thought that the information was useful and presented in a user friendly way.”

“Very creative and thoughtful presentation.”

“The conference was awesome and I learned many things. This was my favorite conference that I ever attended in all of 12 years of teaching.”

“I thought he did a great job – I’d give him an A+”

“I loved the workshop! I continue to think about it daily.”

“Your pace, visuals, and relaxed manner was just what was needed.”

“I found it very interesting and creative. The most helpful thing was the CD. I have already started putting it to use!”

“Joel kept his audience engaged and kept things moving, while at the same time creating an environment where those in attendance could feel comfortable voicing their opinions and asking questions to Joel and their peers. This was the most entertaining and most clinically relevant conference I have ever attended.”

“Joel Shaul presented lots of materials and activity ideas that can be integrated into my practice.  He also laid good background relating to each suggestion, and supplied us with reference materials and tools on his CD.  This was an awesome and terrific course and interesting as well.”

“Very helpful; he provided practical ideas.”

“Many activities presented that I can take and use immediately.  Thanks for all the great information.”

“Speaker presented many wonderful strategies and resources.”

“This is the best presentation I have ever attended.  Thanks for sharing all your great ideas.”

“Many ideas I can use right away.”

“Thank you for giving so many ideas and examples.  It was really helpful for me to see how to use the visuals.”

“Great new ideas.”

“I loved all your ideas.  Thank you for sharing your ideas.  You are a talented speaker.”

“Fantastic hands-on, eyes-on strategies for working with all students-not just ASD kids.”

“Thank you so much for the CD of printables-that is going to be so helpful.”

“Lots of good ideas to take back to my classroom.”

“You inspired me to be more creative in the classroom.”