The Green Zone: Common Ground Conversation Training method for kids on the autism spectrum




To download Green Zone Common Ground Conversation Worksheets, and a very useful, illustrated card activity, click on both red links below.

Green Zone Common Ground Conversation Starter Worksheets Download
Green Zone Picture Card Activity

This is the Green Zone Two-Person Worksheet. It is a simple and effective device to help two people determine their shared interests. It [...]

Helping kids with ASD to give compliments: Picture/word downloads for social skills teaching

To download the illustrated panels shown below, click on “Giving Compliments Wall Display Download”

Giving Compliments Wall Display Download

Autism and Giving Compliments

Kids on the autism spectrum often do not give and receive compliments in accordance with social expectation. They might like something someone said, or something someone did, but they often fail to follow up [...]

“Control-o-meter” social skills tool for kids with autism, helps with voice volume, other behavior

volume regulation method for children with autism

In this blog I provide you the downloads to make simple devices to help children on the autism spectrum to increase awareness of voice volume. Additionally, there are downloads to create similar devices to help with levels of “silliness” and physical distance from others.

Children with Asperger’s and other autism spectrum disorders often have difficulties [...]

Pie chart visuals: Great social skills tool to help kids with ASD to talk MORE or LESS in groups or class

Pie chart social skills teaching strategy for children on the autism spectrum

For children on the autism spectrum who talk too much – or too little – in group situations, this is a useful visual strategy.

Children with autism who talk too much or too little in group situations

Neurotypical people find this skills difficult also!  Remember that person who would’nt stop talking at the last party you [...]

The Conversation Box: Conversation training tool for children with high functioning autism and Asperger's

cards for conversation training for Asperger's and high functioning autism

Below are downloads and instructions for creating these conversation cards. They provide a good activity to help kids on the autism spectrum to practice different functions of conversation. Please scroll down to have a look at the various components.

Children on the autism spectrum usually don’t easily grasp the many functions of conversation. Here is a [...]

Helping kids with Asperger's to give compliments: Worksheets for social skills teaching

worksheets for autism social skills teaching

Children with autism tend to be really honest. This poses problems when it comes to giving compliments. I have some strategies and some simple worksheets here to help troubleshoot some obstacles to successful practice of this skill.

This is the third in a series of posts regarding teaching the social skill of giving compliments to [...]