Emotion Cards - social skills games and activities to help teach emotional awareness to children with ASD

Here is a set of emotion cards that can be used in all kinds of ways in social skills teaching. There are two card decks which are used together: Emotion Word Cards and Question Cards.


Children with ASD and Emotional Awareness

Children on the autism spectrum may experience a range of challenges with respect to emotions.  [...]

The Green Zone: Common Ground Conversation Training method for kids on the autism spectrum




To download Green Zone Common Ground Conversation Worksheets, and a very useful, illustrated card activity, click on both red links below.

Green Zone Common Ground Conversation Starter Worksheets Download
Green Zone Picture Card Activity

This is the Green Zone Two-Person Worksheet. It is a simple and effective device to help two people determine their shared interests. It [...]

Helping kids with ASD to give compliments: Picture/word downloads for social skills teaching

To download the illustrated panels shown below, click on “Giving Compliments Wall Display Download”

Giving Compliments Wall Display Download

Autism and Giving Compliments

Kids on the autism spectrum often do not give and receive compliments in accordance with social expectation. They might like something someone said, or something someone did, but they often fail to follow up [...]

Correcting others and tattling too much: Social skills activities to teach kids with autism who have these problems

Tattling and correcting and children with Asperger’s

If you work with children on the autism spectrum, then you are aware of their  motivation to order their social world by applying and imposing rules.  If something does not seem right to them, many children with Asperger’s and other autism spectrum disorders will speak right up.  Discerning when to refrain [...]

Talk-to-sister worksheets for boys with Asperger's


There are sheets available for talking to mother, sister and father on the pdf download.

Boys on the autism spectrum and their typical sisters

Boys with Asperger’s and other autism spectrum disorders often find the world of typical girl interests completely bewildering.  In my own work with boys on the spectrum, I find that quite a [...]

11 wall displays / visual tools for autism social skills teaching. Free downloads.

Many of my social skills resources for children with autism feature large visuals that can be used either as accessories during teaching or as wall displays.  Below you will find links to eleven of my blog posts which feature large, illustrated panels as part of the kit.
To go to the resource, click on the PICTURE.