Talk-to-sister worksheets for boys with Asperger's


There are sheets available for talking to mother, sister and father on the pdf download.

Boys on the autism spectrum and their typical sisters

Boys with Asperger’s and other autism spectrum disorders often find the world of typical girl interests completely bewildering.  In my own work with boys on the spectrum, I find that quite a [...]

The Conversation Box: Conversation training tool for children with high functioning autism and Asperger's

cards for conversation training for Asperger's and high functioning autism

Below are downloads and instructions for creating these conversation cards. They provide a good activity to help kids on the autism spectrum to practice different functions of conversation. Please scroll down to have a look at the various components.

Children on the autism spectrum usually don’t easily grasp the many functions of conversation. Here is a [...]

Visual strategies for autism social skills training, Part 1, Introduction

Temple Grandin, who has autism, has raised our awareness of how many with autism benefit from visual learning strategies

This is the first of several postings on the topic of using visual-based social skills training methods for children on the autism spectrum to help raise awareness of social cause and effect.

It has been observed that many individuals on the autism spectrum tend to have a style of learning that is predominately visual.  Temple Grandin, in [...]