Using "Screens" in Counseling & Social Skills Teaching - Visual Tutorial and Free PowerPoints


“Fix The Problem” Social Skills Game – Free Download

Here are 3 or the 40 Face Cards provided in this game kit. You download, print and cut them out.

You, the adult, read these scenarios aloud, while the children you are working with try to “fix the problem.”


You give out this game money to encourage participation. This game is fun but talking [...]

Free Paper Fortune Tellers: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Games for Counseling and Classroom

To download the PDF files for these three paper fortune tellers, click on the RED link right below here:
CBT Paper Fortune Tellers for Anxiety & Other Issues
Helping children to work on upsetting emotions using a cognitive behavioral therapy game activities

Many young people have persistent problems with anxiety, sadness, anger and other upsetting emotions.  [...]

The How Interesting Is It? kit - conversation social skills activities for children with ASD

Here is part of the How Interesting Is It? kit. The child moves the chip from one category to the next based on his assessment of how interesting a topic is to another person.


A set of social skills learning materials to help teach what conversation topics tend to score “likes” with peers

Children with autism [...]

“Groupworld”: An Imagination Cooperation Activity for kids with Autism

Here is a fun, challenging activity for teaching cooperation skills.  I give you free downloads to set it up.

Groupworld Download
Imagination, cooperation, and children with high functioning autism

Here is a fun, challenging activity to promote group cooperation skills.  It is derived from an idea I found in a book years ago (see next page).  I have provided you with [...]

Christmas social skills paper fortune teller for kids with ASD (and other kids as well)



Giving compliments is a very important skill during the holidays.

Here is a something quick to make to help children with autism (and other children) to practice.

Here is the download.  Some commentary, photos and links to other resources on giving compliments are given below.

Click here: Christmas Social Skills Paper Fortune Teller – Download
6 Other [...]

Fun, therapy and social - emotional skills teaching for children with ASD's

In this post, I provide some ideas on how to put together a kit of emotion face visuals, combining inexpensive resources with home made and free downloads.

Children with Asperger’s and other autism spectrum disorders may experience a number of problems involving emotions.  They may have difficulty recognizing and naming a nuanced range of emotions [...]

Paper Fortune Tellers - social skills games for children with ASD's (and other children too)

In this blog post, I show you how to make and use these simple folded devices for social skills activities.  I provide you the download PDF you need.

In this blog post, I show you how to make and use these simple folded devices for social skills activities. I provide you the download PDF you need.


Paper Fortune Tellers – social skills activity

When I was a  kid I saw girls playing with these things.  They called them “cootie catchers.”  A few weeks ago, [...]

Emotion Cards - social skills games and activities to help teach emotional awareness to children with ASD

Here is a set of emotion cards that can be used in all kinds of ways in social skills teaching. There are two card decks which are used together: Emotion Word Cards and Question Cards.


Children with ASD and Emotional Awareness

Children on the autism spectrum may experience a range of challenges with respect to emotions.  [...]