Help The Upset Person: A cognitive-behavioral group game

This is an engaging and entertaining cognitive-behavioral teaching strategy  on the topic of emotional regulation.
Here is how to do it:

Follow THIS LINK HERE to the download page for this resource, which provides you with downloads of the pictures that are shown here.  You use these pictures to profile various children with upsetting problems, and your [...]

Using photo albums to increase knowledge about peers

photo album

Many young people with ASD seem to learn much more, and remember longer, when information is presented to them with a strong visual component.  It is particularly useful to use appealing visuals when we are helping them to learn facts about other children in a group setting.

Often, when children with ASD learn people’s  names and [...]

Using a rope to demonstrate

Rope as prop for teaching distance


Many young people on the autism spectrum can get confused regarding personal space when they are walking together with otherpeople.  Professionals working with youth on the spectrum in therapeutic recreation programs encounter these problems frequently.  At a mall or on a trail in a park, it is not uncommon for some individuals to remain rather [...]

Words hurt, words help

Words Hurt worksheet

To download the two worksheets shown below, click on the red link below:

Words hurt, words help pdf

When I work with children with ASD on social skills, I often ask them: “How long will another person remember what you do or what you say?” A typical answer I get is: “About five minutes.”  These answers are [...]

Compliment tag, game to teach kids with ASD an important social skill

Many young people on the autism spectrum have difficulties with the skill of giving and receiving compliments.  They might not see the point in saying something kind or flattering to another person. They tend to miss opportunities to use kind words to strengthen relationships with others.

Here is a fun and hilarious game I have used [...]

Welcome to Autism Teaching Strategies

I’m glad you found this website and blog.

I love learning about social skills training for young people with autism, and sharing ideas with other professionals who do similar work.  In this blog, I will be passing on some of what I have learned.

I love my “day job” with  The Watson Institute, in Sewickley, Pennsylvania.  I [...]