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Here are dozens of free autism social skills teaching resources, most with free pdf downloads.  The resources vary in difficulty and can be used for children between ~ age 6 and ~ age 18.  The resources are organized by color-coded categories below:

 1. Communication/Relationships      [view video describing these HERE]

2.  Emotions      [view video describing these HERE]

3. Communication/Relationships/Emotions      [view video describing these HERE]


* = Printable downloads included (worksheets, hand-held visuals, activity cards, wall displays)

+ = Information, instruction, discussion (no downloads)



1.  Category: Communication/Relationships. CLICK ON THE RESOURCE NAME.

*Eye, Face, Ruler picture prompts

*Listening Prompt Worksheet and Display Panels

*Self Control Meters for distance, volume, formality

*Pie charts for proportional group conversation

+Using a toy balance to teaching reciprocity in relationships and conversation

*Turn-taking visual strategies: summary

*All About Me Signs

*Talk to Family Picture Sheets

+Using Photo Albums to promote learning about others in conversation

*Chain Game: Hands-on activity for keeping conversation “connected”

*Architect Game: Hands-on activity for “building” conversations

*The Green Zone: Simple, Venn diagram-based system for conversation starters and common ground

*The Green Zone Picture Matching Activity – Hands-on game to teach conversation common ground

*The Conversation Box: Simple card-based activity for promoting valid forms of conversation

*La caja de diálogos: Un método para ayudar a los niños con autismo a conversar

*Validating Word Prompts: Making them and using them

*Compliment Picture Displays

+Compliment Tag, how to play it

*Words Hurt / Words Help worksheets:  How words affect others

*Silly to Serious :  Teaching levels of formality – Cards, picture panels, meter

*Using a rope as a visual to demonstrate social “connectedness”

*Dealing with Losing & Disappointment Picture Panels

+Visual methods for teaching cause and effect in relationships

*14 visual conversation kits, indexed by picture of the resource

+Eye contact: When and when NOT to encourage it with children on the spectrum

*Groupworld Activity – Structured group storytelling for collaboration and compromise

*The How Interesting Is It? kit – Show how to score “likes” with peers by picking interesting topics

The Conversation Picture Practice Game (PowerPoint, PDF Printables, based on 100 nice photos)

Using a Video Camera in Social Skills Work: Practical Guide and Free Prop Downloads

Puzzle Piece Drawing Worksheets – Show kids how they “fit together” as a group or class


2.  Category: Emotions. CLICK ON THE RESOURCE NAME.

+Eight Simple CBT Videos for Kids, by Joel Shaul

*Summary of all emotion / CBT resources on this website

*Very simple CBT worksheets (age 7 to 18)

*Simple, Picture-based CBT tutorial

*Poison and Antidote CBT Thought Bubbles

*Mint New Thoughts activity

*Help The Upset Person picture activity

*Filter the Anger hands-on activity

*Worry Cards, game / activity for anxiety

*Emotion Cards game /activity to teach emotional awareness

*Jeu de Cartes à Emotions

+Using face pictures in emotional skills teaching activities

*More Paper Fortune Tellers, for Anxiety, Social Anxiety and other problems

3.  Category: Communication/Relationships/Emotion. CLICK ON THE RESOURCE NAME.

*Tattling / Correcting Cards and Panels

*Teasing / Bullying Self–Help Kit (Panels, cards)

*Dealing with Isolation Worksheets

*Dealing with Isolation card game activity

*Relating to Girls card game /activity

+Using imagination in social skills teaching with children on the autism spectrum

*Draw / Describe your “Light Force” and “Dark Force” – a problem self-awareness activity

*Flexibility Cards, game / activity / wall display

*Empathy / Showing Concern Picture Panels

*Empathy / Showing Concern “How to” Display

*The Missing Objects Game (teaches sportsmanship, supporting others in game situations)

*11 Social skills wall displays with simple pictures 

+YouTube videos by people with autism:  Links and how to use them, how to download them

*Using SCREENS of all kinds in social skills teaching - Links to free PowerPoints

+Game-like methods and tokens in social skills teaching

+Talk less and show more in autism social skills teaching

*Autism Teaching Strategies resources IN SPANISH

*Paper fortune tellers for asking questions, giving compliments, exploring emotions

*Fix The Problem Game: Picture cards and scenarios on diverse problems


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