Puzzle Piece Drawing Sheets: Cooperative Social Skills Activity for Children on the Autism Spectrum (and others)

autism social skills worksheet

Puzzle drawing sheets – a cooperative social skills activity for children with (and without) autism

In this blog post you can download puzzle piece drawing sheets that set up a variety of great activities for your group or class.

CLICK HERE – Puzzle Piece Drawing Activity Free Download (2)

autism social skills free

In this engaging set of activities, children explore how they all “fit together” as a group or a class even though they are all different.

The download provides a variety of puzzle sheets.  You can either cut them out, or not, depending on how much prep time you have.

The completed, cut-out puzzle pieces can be fitted together by the children on the floor or on the wall.  It also makes an attractive and meaningful  wall display.

You can introduce the activity using words something like this:

“When we are part of a group, we have to learn how we all fit together. Fitting together well means knowing how you are like the other people and how you are different from them.”

I hope you enjoy this social skills activity for children with (and without) autism.





Joel Shaul, LCSW

Autism Teaching Strategies


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