CBT Children's Emotion Worksheet Series: Draw your upset face and tell about it

Here is a simple worksheet to help children reflect on an upsetting incident and tell about it.

This is the first worksheet in a series of free download worksheets to help children to understand their upsetting emotions and cope with them.  The worksheets have been designed for children with high functioning autism but they can be used for children who are not on the autism spectrum.

The worksheets are intended to help children to:

*Identify negative emotions

*Describe occasions when they experienced these emotions

*Identify automatic negative thoughts that contributed to the emotions, and increase awareness of “antidote thoughts” to counter them

*Identify self-defeating behaviors connected to the upsetting emotions, and increase awareness of functional, self-help behaviors

*Identify dysfunctional body stress reactions, and increase awareness of calming responses

How to download this worksheet:

1.  Click on the image below.  It will open up in another window.

2.  Press print.

Follow the following link to access the download page which allows you to download this worksheet and 30 others on the topic of upset feelings. Click HERE.


How to use this worksheet:

Drawing is a very effective tool for many children to help them to reflect during counseling.  The drawing exercise can take on different dimensions depending on whether you provide a pencil or a variety of crayons.

If you are working with a group or a classroom, the finished pictures and narratives provide a useful prop to help children to tell each other about their upseting emotions.

Other worksheets in this CBT series take the work farther.  I suggest you explore them all before printing and getting started.

Many other CBT visuals, games and activities are provided in the links below.

Joel Shaul, LCSW

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To print out this worksheet, click on it, wait for it to appear in another window, then press print.

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